Introducing the Roehrs USRowing Insurance Plan

Working through Roehrs, USRowing provides coverage as a benefit for all members, member organizations, and registered regattas is a cost-effective means of handling the needs of USRowing and its members in a consistent manner.

Already have coverage? You may still need ours.


he coverage that USRowing provides is one of the benefits of membership and protects USRowing and all member organizations while they are participating in covered activities. Many of these organizations may not otherwise have insurance, or be able to afford enough of it, to protect themselves. It also protects your registered members while they are participating in registered regattas and other covered activities.

However, just because it is provided as a part of your membership does not mean that you have to use it as your only means of coverage. If you would prefer to keep other coverage in place for your organization, you may certainly do so.

USRowing has purchased coverage that is tailored to the needs of its membership. In this way, your organization can be sure that it is covered with the most comprehensive, rowing-specific insurance package.

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