Roehrs US Rowing Insurance Plan

Accident Insurance Benefits

2018 US Rowing Accident Insurance Benefits

Excess Accident Medical Limit Summary:

  • • Excess Accident Medical/Dental Expense - $25,000
  • • Accidental Death Benefit - $15,000
  • • Accidental Dismemberment Benefit - $15,000
  • • Physical Therapy/Chiropractic Limit - $2,000
  • • Deductible Per Claim - $250
  • • Policy Benefit Period - 52 weeks
  • • Full Excess Coverage

Excess Accident Medical Coverage Summary

$25,000 Participant Accident Medical Expense Coverage is provided by Berkley Life Insurance Company (Berkley Life) for rowing related accidental injuries to all current members of USRowing, member organizations, members of registered clubs, registered regatta participants, referees, and coaches of USRowing, including the Elite teams. This is EXCESS insurance and only comes into play after you have utilized your personal, group medical insurance, or any health benefit plan, first. If you have no other applicable insurance, this policy will pay on a PRIMARY basis.

$15,000 Accidental Death and Accidental Dismemberment coverage

Disappearing Deductible:

This feature means that when any amount up to the $250 deductible is paid toward a claim, whether it is paid by a primary policy or by the claimant, the deductible will be reduced by that amount.

52-Week Benefit Period:

Coverage will apply for one year from the date of injury.

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